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Welcome to the Institute of Government & Public Policy

Making governance and public policy making more inclusive.

Learn about the Institute of Government & Public Policy (IGPP), what we do, and how you can get involved. 

What is the Institute of Government & Public Policy? 

IGPP is an independent organisation with the goals of making governance and policy-making more inclusive and open to a broad coalition of stakeholders. 

We believe that the most positive and productive outcomes are achieved through enhancing knowledge, disseminating excellence, collaboration, and ongoing discussions. Through doing each of these, IGPP aspires to be the most comprehensive, reliable, and accurate source of political and public policy intelligence and education in the UK. 

What does the Institute of Government & Public Policy do?

The Institute works to make government and public policy more effective by informing, educating, and facilitating collaboration between members, partners and contributors across six key communities: education, health & social care, housing, construction & built environment, criminal justice & safer communities, and central & local government.  

Across these communities, we focus on several themes: digital & technology, people & leadership, policy, finance & procurement, and systems & infrastructure. 

IGPP’s key activities support our communities and stakeholders through professional development, peer to peer support, policy & influence, and research & improvement. Find out more about what each of these includes here.  

Events, conferences and training courses 

The Institute works closely with partners and collaborators to host a diverse range of events, conferences and training courses for community members. Our events are known for their high level of professionalism, expertise and depth, and provide leaders from across a range of sectors with insight, inspiration and networking opportunities.  

View IGPP’s full range of events, conferences and training courses here.

Research papers, reports and resources 

IGPP works with a selection of partners and contributors to collate and produce various public policy research papers, reports and resources. These explore a range of themes and topics across our supported communities. 

Access IGPP’s full library of research papers, reports and resources here. 

How can I get involved? 

The Institute is here to support anyone with an interest in understanding, influencing, and improving effectiveness of government and public policy making in the UK. We work hard to ensure that we deliver value to our members, partners and collaborators in everything we do. 

Join our community  

The IGPP member community is open to professionals across the public, private and voluntary sectors, and free to join. When you join our community, you’ll gain access to our library of research and resources, discounted bookings on future events, and opportunities to connect with an enhanced network of executive and governance leaders and practitioners. 

Find out more about joining the IGPP member community here. 

Become a partner or contributor 

We partner with organisations that share our values and support our purpose to improve government and public policy making. A partnership with IGPP present the opportunity to co-design and contribute to our events and resources, showcasing your knowledge and expertise, positively influencing government and public policy, and positioning your brand in front of our extensive community of leaders and decision-makers in a wide range of sectors across the UK. 

Find out more about IGPP partnership and contributor opportunities here. 

Join our supplier zone 

We facilitate interaction and collaboration between the corporate sector, Government departments, the wider public sector including the NHS and academic researchers to achieve a positive evolution across governance and public policy. As a featured member in our supplier zone, your brand, products and services will be positioned in front of our members across our key supported communities. 

Find out more about the IGPP supplier zone here. 

Keep up to date with the Institute of Government & Public Policy

We continually update our events listings with confirmed speakers and agendas. Keep up to date with announcements, discussions and other information by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook

Article written by
Danielle Chapman

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