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How to Create a Disability-Friendly Workplace?
4 July 2024
Creating a disability-friendly workplace is essential for fostering an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive. Here are several practical steps employers can take to ensure their workplace accommodates individuals with disabilities, enhancing productivity, morale, and the overall company culture.
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The Growing Importance of Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace 14 June 2024 In recent years, the emphasis on health and wellbeing in the workplace has gained significant momentum. This shift reflects a broader understanding of how employee health impacts not only individual performance but also the overall success of an organisation. The increasing focus on workplace wellbeing can be attributed to several key factors, supported by various studies and reports from 2023 and 2024. Read article
Why Health and Safety is Important in the Workplace? 4 June 2024 Ensuring health and safety in the workplace is a critical responsibility that impacts employees, employers, and society. This article consolidates key points from various authoritative sources to provide a clear understanding of why health and safety regulations are essential and how they are implemented. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA) The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA) is a fundamental piece of legislation in the UK that sets out the duties of employers to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their employees and others affected by their operations. Key requirements under HASAWA include: Risk Assessment: Employers must identify and assess risks to health and safety in the workplace and take steps to mitigate them. Read article
Under the spotlight – examining the financial health of academy trusts 2 April 2024 Financial sustainability is a key focus for all academy trusts, with the main challenges being that recurring income does not always match increasing costs. This, combined with falling pupil rolls can rock an already uncertain financial boat. Whilst there is a general view that there will always be sufficient funding to ensure schools remain financially viable, there is no certainty over this as revealed in the 12th Kreston Academy Benchmarking Report. The report shows that 47% of trusts had an in-year deficit, and on average the surplus is down on last year between 83% and 95%. Schools saw three additional income streams in 2022/23: Mainstream Schools Additional Grant, Schools Supplementary Grant and the Energy Efficiency Grant. The figures suggest that without these grants, most trusts would have been in a deficit position for the year. Read article
Employee Wellbeing: Not just a 'nice to have', but essential for business performance! 16 February 2024 Many managers know staff wellbeing is important, but many find it hard to find time or ways to support their teams’ unique wellbeing needs: At Rener Wellbeing, we have surveyed thousands of managers across a range of organisations globally, when developing bespoke wellbeing strategies for their organisations. From the data, we know that most managers understand why employee wellbeing is important and why they should be creating enabling and encouraging environments for their staff. We recognise the challenges that managers face in supporting the wellbeing of their teams - time constraints is the main obstacle, followed by a lack of knowledge on the practical ways to support their teams’ wellbeing. Read article
When children with SEND can express themselves, the world becomes a better place 6 February 2024 Children can make connections with their teachers and friends, and thrive at school even when they don’t have the words to say how they’re feeling – writes Kim Graham, lead practitioner and specialist teacher, Northumberland High Incidence Needs Team. If you are unable to take part in a discussion, explain what you need or join in with a group activity, life becomes incredibly isolating. Read article
Broaden Horizons with Technology 1 February 2024 While great strides have been made with LGBTQ+ equality in recent years, there is still so much more to be done to improve how these topics are discussed in school. Teaching children about sex education, human relationships and gender identity is vital to creating more accepting and well rounded global citizens. Education plays a fundamental role here and this is an area about which many teachers are passionate. Read article
How to make primary schools work better for autistic children 29 September 2023 Just a few simple yet effective adaptations can create a more comfortable learning environment to help autistic children thrive at school, writes Alison Eason, head of the Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP) at Chalgrove Primary School. Read article
Gambling – does Great Britain need a harm prevention levy? 19 January 2023 Among all the demands submitted to the British Government as part of the current review of gambling legislation, the one for a harm prevention levy is often presented as the most straight-forward. The idea of putting the current system of voluntary industry contributions on a statutory and prescriptive basis attracts support from campaigners, the industry regulator, and several of the larger licensees. There is some logic to this as the provision of treatment services for gambling disorder in Great Britain (and likely in most jurisdictions worldwide) needs to be put on a more substantial and sustainable footing. It is far from obvious however that a new tariff is the best means of achieving this. Read article
Breaking the Menopause Stigma – What Next? 2 January 2023 An examination of the impact of menopause in the workplace. The fastest-growing employee demographics in the UK are women of menopausal age (50-64). Yet, individuals experiencing menopause are suffering from workplace discrimination, leading to a 'brain drain' of women leaving the workforce. Key to addressing this is the need for enhanced protections for individuals experiencing menopausal systems and widespread awareness training. Read article

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