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Human Trafficking (and the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine)
9 January 2023
Human trafficking is a serious and complex humanitarian issue that impacts individuals, families, and communities around the world. It is a form of modern slavery that exploits people for profit. The vulnerability of individuals to being trafficked increases with uncertain and unstable circumstances such as conflict and wars. Human trafficking is constant but has been highlighted recently because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has forced over 3 million people to flee Ukraine to neighbouring countries.
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IGPP's Quarterly Policy Insights 21 December 2022 A summary of insights from the Institute's public policy conferences held from October to December 2022. Read article
IGPP’s Quarterly Policy Insights 13 October 2022 We live in a time where collaboration and communication are needed to work together and address challenges. This summer, the Institute of Government & Public Policy explored key topics surrounding Education, Healthcare, Criminal Justice, Construction, and Central and Local Governments in UK society. We discussed how we can learn from the lessons of the pandemic, share new ideas, and introduce innovative solutions to transform working. Read article
Statement on the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II 8 September 2022 A statement by the Institute of Government & Public Policy on the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Read article
Tackling Fuel Poverty – The Way Forward 30 August 2022 The current Ofgem energy price cap of £1,971 for UK average household bills, implemented in April this year, is already 54% and 90% higher than those in October of 2021 and 2020 respectively. But the latest forecast by independent energy consultancy Auxilione warned the price cap could surge to £5,038 by April 2023, which would be a 380% increase over the October 2020 level. Whilst Britons are still enjoying the late summer sunny days, there is no doubt a national fuel crisis is looming on the horizon. It will affect literally every UK household and push many into fuel poverty. Read article
Is it time to halt the decline of the UK Armed Forces? 24 June 2022 Read article
Double standards? Assessing the Ukraine refugee crisis 25 April 2022 Double standards, discrimination, and inequality. Is this a fair description of the UK government’s approach to refugee crises? What does it say about our government and society, if we mobilise vast resources to support refugees from Ukraine, while deploying the Royal Navy to the English Channel to turnaround boats of refugees from other countries? Both are seeking freedom from persecution and a better, safer life. Read article
IGPP Announces Appointment of Managing Director, James Green 11 March 2022 We are delighted to announce the appointment of James Green as IGPP Managing Director. James brings to IGPP a wealth of public sector experience, combined with a strong background in institute and professional body leadership. Read article
Socitm report reveals digital trends for the public sector in 2022 10 January 2022 Socitm, the society for innovation, technology, and modernisation, has launched its public sector digital trends report for 2022. The report outlines that Covid-19 has had an immense impact, not just in terms of public expectations, but also in the way that public service organisations have reconfigured themselves around digital operating models to generate business continuity. Read article
Guest Post: Tackling the weight of Covid-19 business distress on mental health 26 October 2021 The economic disruption from the coronavirus pandemic had an unprecedented effect on the balance sheet of businesses and individuals alike by eradicating income streams overnight. Business owners must take stock of their financial position and prioritise mental health to protect themselves, their businesses, and employees. Keith Tully explores how company directors can access essential Covid-19 business support to remedy financial distress and the blurring lines between financial wellbeing and mental health. Read article

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