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News | Health and social care

Labour Party’s Vision for the Future: Building a Resilient and Modern NHS
12 July 2024
The Labour Party’s strategy to build an NHS fit for the future revolves around comprehensive reforms aimed at addressing current challenges while securing the health service's long-term sustainability. The party's plan, outlined in detail on its official website, includes a multifaceted approach with significant focus areas such as workforce enhancement, technology integration, preventative care, and patient-centric services.
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Overcoming Inequalities on NHS Waiting Lists 28 June 2024 The National Health Service (NHS) has faced persistent challenges in managing waiting lists, a problem that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a BMA analysis of waiting times in the NHS, in April 2024, the waiting list in England included approximately 6,327,245 individual patients, with a total of 7,572,563 people awaiting treatment. A significant concern is the inequality in how waiting times impact different demographic groups. Addressing these inequalities is essential for ensuring a fair and effective healthcare system. Read article
Government announces new NHS strategy to tackle major conditions and diseases 8 March 2023 The UK Government is to launch a new NHS strategy to tackle major conditions and diseases, including cancers, cardiovascular diseases (including stroke and diabetes), chronic respiratory diseases, dementia, mental ill health, and musculoskeletal disorders. Read article
Gambling – does Great Britain need a harm prevention levy? 19 January 2023 Among all the demands submitted to the British Government as part of the current review of gambling legislation, the one for a harm prevention levy is often presented as the most straight-forward. The idea of putting the current system of voluntary industry contributions on a statutory and prescriptive basis attracts support from campaigners, the industry regulator, and several of the larger licensees. There is some logic to this as the provision of treatment services for gambling disorder in Great Britain (and likely in most jurisdictions worldwide) needs to be put on a more substantial and sustainable footing. It is far from obvious however that a new tariff is the best means of achieving this. Read article
Breaking the Menopause Stigma – What Next? 2 January 2023 An examination of the impact of menopause in the workplace. The fastest-growing employee demographics in the UK are women of menopausal age (50-64). Yet, individuals experiencing menopause are suffering from workplace discrimination, leading to a 'brain drain' of women leaving the workforce. Key to addressing this is the need for enhanced protections for individuals experiencing menopausal systems and widespread awareness training. Read article
IGPP’s Quarterly Policy Insights 13 October 2022 We live in a time where collaboration and communication are needed to work together and address challenges. This summer, the Institute of Government & Public Policy explored key topics surrounding Education, Healthcare, Criminal Justice, Construction, and Central and Local Governments in UK society. We discussed how we can learn from the lessons of the pandemic, share new ideas, and introduce innovative solutions to transform working. Read article
Could a more flexible and personalised higher education experience better meet students’ needs? 6 October 2022 Iain Sloan, the senior solutions consultant at Ellucian, examines how going to university could be better tailored to students’ academic and emotional needs. As the new academic year fast approaches, universities are focused on ensuring students get the help they need to succeed, wherever their learning takes place. However, the lines are increasingly blurring between students’ expectations of high-quality in person learning and what they want when they access their coursework remotely. Read article
Statement on the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II 8 September 2022 A statement by the Institute of Government & Public Policy on the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Read article
How a green infrastructure standards framework can help the NHS deliver the ‘triple aim’ 30 August 2022 Whilst the legacy of the pandemic leaves the NHS facing huge challenges in delivering care and services, CCGs and NHS providers need to stay on track with transforming services and facilities to deliver a sustainable NHS. By transforming the NHS estate to provide the high-quality green infrastructure that serves local communities, can CCGs and NHS providers better utilise NHS land to support health and wellbeing outcomes, contribute towards sustainability goals and deliver on their ’Triple Aim’. Read article
Tackling Fuel Poverty – The Way Forward 30 August 2022 The current Ofgem energy price cap of £1,971 for UK average household bills, implemented in April this year, is already 54% and 90% higher than those in October of 2021 and 2020 respectively. But the latest forecast by independent energy consultancy Auxilione warned the price cap could surge to £5,038 by April 2023, which would be a 380% increase over the October 2020 level. Whilst Britons are still enjoying the late summer sunny days, there is no doubt a national fuel crisis is looming on the horizon. It will affect literally every UK household and push many into fuel poverty. Read article

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