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Partnership announcement: Gallagher and IGPP

The Institute of Government & Public Policy (IGPP) is proud to announce its partnership with Gallagher, the insurance, risk management and consulting firm.

This collaborative partnership between Gallagher and IGPP will create opportunities for key debates and decision-making in public policy development.

IGPP is a key influencer and informer in the ongoing public policy development and debate, believing that the most productive and positive outcomes can only be delivered through enhancing knowledge, disseminating excellence, collaboration and ongoing discussions. Facilitating engagement and interaction between the public and private sectors, IGPP produces and provides wide ranging research, reports, events and public policy briefings to help inform, influence, impact and educate across key topical issues currently facing the UK.

Gallagher is a global leader in insurance, risk management and consulting services with a strong culture based on values, collaboration and professional excellence. With an abundance of experience, expertise, and an extensive global network, Gallagher helps businesses face the future with confidence.

What the Gallagher and IGPP partnership brings

This partnership establishes a long-term relationship and synergy between IGPP’s areas of interest and Gallagher’s expertise.

By working together, IGPP and Gallagher can facilitate the sharing of expert knowledge and information between the public and private sectors and Government Departments to influence and inform public policy across the supported communities. This means Gallagher will access, co-design, and contribute to IGPP live events, research and resources, sharing their unique insight and expertise with members and key stakeholders.

The partnership also sees Tim Devine, Managing Director of Public Sector & Education at Gallagher, become a member of the IGPP Corporate Advisory Board, demonstrating Gallagher’s commitment to improving how government is run and public policy is made. In joining the Board Gallagher is able to share knowledge with key stakeholders, helping inform the public policy debate from its experience of working with over 4500 current Public Sector clients.

Marc Davis, CEO of IGPP said “We are both delighted and fortunate to have Gallagher on board as a key partner. We look forward to working with a company of their calibre, innovation and tenacity. Their culture based on strong values, collaboration and professional excellence is one that we share as is their strong commitment to being an ethical company."

Tim Devine, Managing Director of Public Sector & Education at Gallagher said “As a key supplier of risk and insurance solutions to the public sector, Gallagher is delighted to support the launch of the IGPP. The IGPP is an important organisation that seeks to drive communication, collaboration and connectivity between the public and private sectors. Working with a group of like-minded professionals across the UK will enable us to share thought leadership and specialist expertise to help guide and influence future public policy.”

The partnership supports IGPP’s purpose to make governance and policy-making more inclusive to help inform, influence and impact ongoing topical debates in the UK.

Do you want to positively influence key debates and public policy?

Our partners share our ethos and values, based on collaborating, sharing knowledge and experience, and facilitating ongoing engagement that will subsequently benefit the public policy making process.

Find out more about the benefits of becoming an IGPP partner and how to work with us.

Article written by
Danielle Chapman

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