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Helping Share Key Learnings Using Multilingual Virtual Humans

In February 2022, the Institute of Government and Public Policy examined the subject of advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the public sector. Ten trusted experts shared their knowledge at the well-received one-day online conference.

With its expertise in AI, technology company Guildhawk was invited to support the event. Its Director of Integrity, David Clarke, hosted the sessions and facilitated panel debates on this important topic.

An immersive video with a virtual human

After the conference, Guildhawk took a written summary of the key learning from the day and used its latest product, Guildhawk Voice, to create a video featuring a ‘digital twin’ of David Clarke. Using cutting-edge software, David’s face and voice were recreated using secure AI technologies. Trained digital experts used video editing technologies to create a powerful and immersive video, complete with background footage, text, company logos and music.

Reaching global audiences

Demonstrating the versatility of AI techniques, Guildhawk then used its state-of-the-art translation capabilities to produce a foreign language version of the video. Using its AI-powered machine translation software Guildhawk Aided, Guildhawk expertly recreated David’s virtual human in French, a language he does not speak.

To find out the key takeaways from ‘Advancing AI in the Public Sector,’ and to see Guildhawk Voice and Guildhawk Aided in action, view the videos (English and French) below: 


Article written by
Jessica Smith

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