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Guest post: Taking the greener route to secure sustainability in the workplace
21st July 2021
Corporate sustainability is no longer just a buzzword or a temporary trend. The business community must unite to fight the climate change crisis and create landmark strides to achieve global carbon emission targets. Ahead of the Institute of Government & Public Policy Climate Change 2021 event: Meeting the Challenges of Net Zero Carbon, Jon Munnery of UK Liquidators shares his view on engineering sustainability in the workplace by taking a greener approach.
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Guest post: Why the modern university sector needs to make fundraising a priority 7th July 2021 Fundraising isn't just for research-intensive, prestigious universities with global brands. Colin McCallum, Strategic Partner at Cairney & Company, explores the value of fundraising to the modern university sector. Read article
One year after BLM, ethnic minority young people are still worried about how racism will affect their life chances, new survey finds 25th June 2021 Although all young people are worried about the impact of Covid-19 on their health and future employment opportunities, a new survey conducted by the Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG) found that Black, Asian and Mixed ethnicity young people aged 16-24 also rate racial discrimination and poverty as their biggest concerns. Read article
Tackling student loneliness during remote education delivery 17th June 2021 As the pandemic hurtles unprecedented challenges at universities, the mental health of students remains of paramount importance. Addressing Covid-19 disruption to the Higher Education sector, Keith Tully of Real Business Rescue, discusses how tackling student loneliness can contribute towards your long-term success. Read article
Report shows 70% of secondary school students admit to future career fear 10th June 2021 The Careers after Covid report published by Launch Your Career, has revealed that 70% of secondary school students do not know or are unsure about what they want to do for a career when they leave school. Read about the report findings and what they mean for education in schools. Read article
Guest post: The two areas that the SEND Review cannot afford to forget 2nd June 2021 The SEND reforms in 2014 were the right reforms, but the implementation has fallen far short of the ambition. The 2021 SEND Review provides an opportunity to accelerate progress towards effective SEND provision and an inclusive education system, Professor Adam Boddison explains. Read article
Summer of Literacy to support children and young people in building skills and resilience for the next school year 20th May 2021 Children need help to catch up on school days lost to the pandemic - especially those children and young people who are disadvantaged or who are experiencing SEND. Learn how AfA's Summer of Literacy is working to support children and young people in preparing for the next school year. Read article
How to keep children active and learning after lockdown 4th May 2021 Justine Goode, Year 4 teacher and PE lead suggests how schools can build movement into learning to restore children’s mental and physical well-being after lockdown. Read article
IGPP Announces Partnership with Bentley Systems, the Infrastructure Engineering Software Company 14th April 2021 IGPP and Bentley will facilitate the sharing of expert knowledge and information between the public and private sectors, as well as government departments, to influence and inform public policy across the supported communities. Learn more about Bentley and what the partnership brings. Read article
3 Day Conference Explores the Future of Higher Education Post Covid-19 8th April 2021 The Future of Higher Education 2021 online event takes place 27th – 29th April. The event will examine how the Government and Academia are tackling the wide range of issues they are faced with, giving an insight into what the future may look like post COVID-19 and how to manage the transition. Read article

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