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Three Special Needs Interventions That Can Help All Children
11th May 2022
Strategies used to support children with special educational needs (SEND) can help mainstream learners succeed too, says Victoria Annan, lead of additionally resourced provision (ARP) for Autism at Chalgrove Primary School. While life looks a lot more normal for schools in 2022, the legacy of Covid-19 remains in terms of children’s attainment. An astounding 76% of pupils entering school in 2020 required more support with communication and language than in previous years according to the National Literacy Trust, a gap that will take time and targeted interventions to address.
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Double standards? Assessing the Ukraine refugee crisis 25th April 2022 Double standards, discrimination, and inequality. Is this a fair description of the UK government’s approach to refugee crises? What does it say about our government and society, if we mobilise vast resources to support refugees from Ukraine, while deploying the Royal Navy to the English Channel to turnaround boats of refugees from other countries? Both are seeking freedom from persecution and a better, safer life. Read article
Helping Share Key Learnings Using Multilingual Virtual Humans 5th April 2022 In February 2022, the Institute of Government and Public Policy examined the subject of advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the public sector. Ten trusted experts shared their knowledge at the well-received one-day online conference. With its expertise in AI, technology company Guildhawk was invited to support the event. Its Director of Integrity, David Clarke, hosted the sessions and facilitated panel debates on this important topic. Read article
Broaden Horizons With Technology - Lyfta 28th March 2022 While great strides have been made with LGBTQ+ equality in recent years, there is still so much more to be done to improve how these topics are discussed in school. Teaching children about sex education, human relationships and gender identity is vital to creating more accepting and well rounded global citizens. Education plays a fundamental role here and this is an area about which many teachers are passionate. Read article
Global Learning, Digital Global Citizenship and The Sdgs – Eight Learning Opportunities for Send Settings 17th March 2022 The challenge of bringing the outside world into an indoor learning space has had a lot of attention recently as a result of ‘lockdown-learning’ requirements. However, many in the field of global learning have been actively working on this pedagogical task for decades in a variety of ways. Recently, practice has been ramped up a gear thanks to youth mobilisation to stop climate change, David Attenborough’s chart-busting ‘Our Planet’, the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and a new range of digital global citizenship education opportunities. Read article
IGPP Announces Appointment of Managing Director, James Green 11th March 2022 We are delighted to announce the appointment of James Green as IGPP Managing Director. James brings to IGPP a wealth of public sector experience, combined with a strong background in institute and professional body leadership. Read article
New Research: Lyfta Storyworlds Help Reduce Anxiety Around Meeting People from Different Backgrounds 28th February 2022 A University of Tampere study found that virtual immersive environments that contain interactive human stories can help reduce learners’ social anxiety around meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. Read article
Socitm report reveals digital trends for the public sector in 2022 10th January 2022 Socitm, the society for innovation, technology, and modernisation, has launched its public sector digital trends report for 2022. The report outlines that Covid-19 has had an immense impact, not just in terms of public expectations, but also in the way that public service organisations have reconfigured themselves around digital operating models to generate business continuity. Read article
Guest Post: Tackling the weight of Covid-19 business distress on mental health 26th October 2021 The economic disruption from the coronavirus pandemic had an unprecedented effect on the balance sheet of businesses and individuals alike by eradicating income streams overnight. Business owners must take stock of their financial position and prioritise mental health to protect themselves, their businesses, and employees. Keith Tully explores how company directors can access essential Covid-19 business support to remedy financial distress and the blurring lines between financial wellbeing and mental health. Read article
Guest post: Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace – Looking beyond the buzzwords 22nd September 2021 Inclusion and diversity strategies should be commonplace in corporate environments across all sectors, including private, public, and voluntary. In this guest post, Paul Williamson explains why employers need to do more to eradicate barriers that are in the way of building progressive, diverse and inclusive workspaces in their fight for social change. Read article

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